5 Reasons You Need A Mobile App for Your Local Business

How To Create an App For A Local Business

Why should you create a Mobile App for your local business?

Let me fill you in…

Progressive Web Apps (or, PWAs) are the new hot trend in digital marketing. But, I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s in it for the smaller, local businesses across the world? Here’s an example of Starbucks.

Progressive Web Apps or Mobile Apps are the biggest advancement in mobile since the introduction of the iPhone. With Progressive Web Applications, you’re combining mobile friendly website and native web apps. Native Apps provide the end customer with great benefits such as loyalty programs, food ordering, push notifications, and more. Mobile websites are static, don’t provide much outside ‘contact us’. What Progressive Web Apps do is combine the benefits of native apps and mobile website, giving you a mobile app in the cloud.

“The need for businesses to target customers on mobile devices is well-established at this point. The question is no longer if they should do it but how. A business that wants to appeal to mobile -based customers has three choices: build a responsive website, develop a native app or create a progressive web app (PWA)”- Forbes

What companies are working with Progressive Web Apps? Google, Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Twitter.

Here’s FIVE reasons your local business can benefit from a Mobile App:

makes it easier for your customer to find you on google

Progressive Web Apps / Mobile Apps are easy to find through Search Engines like Google, and allows your app to come up when your customers are searching for your business. If someone is searching for a pizza shop within your local area, you want to be the top on the list and offer a mobile friendly solution for your customers. A PWA is the way to do it.

No Downloading Required

App fatigue is BIG within today’s mobile heavy industry. On average, people are downloading ZERO new apps per month. Now, with Progressive Web Apps, you can give your customers the benefits of a native app without requiring a download from the app store. If you want your customers to continue to engage, order and communicate with you, they don’t want to have thousands of apps on their phone, so a PWA is a great addition to your communication mix.

Cost Effective

The average cost of a native app can run anywhere from $25,000 - $100,000+. This investment is HUGE for a local business. Progressive Web Apps average from $3,000-$7,000+ and give the business owner the freedom and ability to make changes to content, features, communication and many other features with ease.

Always Up To Date

Continuously having to update your apps from the app store can be a major bottleneck with native apps. With Progressive Web Apps, there are no manual updates required. Your app is always displayed in its most recent version so your customers are always having the most up to date information about your local business.

Higher Engagement from your customers

Do you have events, specials or educational information that you want to share with your customers but you don’t know how? Here’s a great feature. Your customers can stay up to date with what your business is up to. You can also engage with them as soon as they leave your business. For example, when a client leaves an appointment, why not prompt them to leave a positive review after they step away?

Other Key Features of Progressive Web Apps:

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Push Notifications

  • Group Management

  • Food Ordering

  • Event Management

  • Geofencing

  • Customer Reviews

...any many more benefits.

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