3 Secrets to Creating a Mobile App on a Budget

3 Secrets to Creating an App On A Budget

3 Secrets to Creating a Mobile App on a Budget

So you’re a business with a need to engage with your customers. What do I mean when I say engage? Simply sharing with the world what you have to offer; whether it’s a product, service, freebie, event - anything that you want to share with your ‘people’. It’s SO challenging in today’s ever changing digital marketing landscape to find new ways to speak to your customers in a way that’s easy and mutually beneficial. And here’s my thing as a business owner… I want to spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time serving my customers. Do you hear me?

Let’s dive in.

First things first… What are Mobile Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), or Web Apps, are the happy medium between a mobile-friendly website and native apps. Web Apps (PWAs) offer your customers the features they’re looking for from an app with the user-friendly interface of a mobile website. They are game-changing with their ease and simplicity. When developed properly, PWAs are more affordable than native apps, while still providing an engaging and robust experience for the end user (your customers!).

Let’s get into the 3 Secrets.

While Mobile Apps are much more affordable than native apps, there are some key things you should know before you hire a developer to create one for your business to ensure you don’t overspend.

1. Understand your objectives before going into developing a mobile app

Business owners often have a very clear idea of what they want within an app, they just don’t understand WHY they need it. Without knowing why you are building an app, what you’ll be using it for and who will be using it, it’s difficult to assess whether the features will actually help meet those objectives, therefore wasting budget.

So, why do you want to build a mobile app for your business?

Awareness - do you want to share information about your business and products to potential or current customers?

Communication - do you want to communicate messages to your potential or current customers?

Productivity - saving people time or reducing the workforce required or reducing complexity in a system

Interaction - encourage your users to take action?

Loyalty - gain trust and future purchases?

Mobile E-Commerce - do you want to encourage purchases within your app?

Once you’ve decided what objectives you have for your app, you’ll have a great understanding which features are right for your business. There is no sense in spending money on features that you’ll never use, so be sure to understand the why behind your mobile app.

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2. Digital Strategy & Design

Before you dig in and invest in an app, it’s important to understand what the end will look like! Choosing the right look and feel to match your brand is key. When hiring a team/developer to create your mobile app for your business, ensure they have a strong understanding of your brand and your brands values. This will ensure your mobile app will have a seamless brand experience across all marketing channels. This will save you time and money within the process - no re-work!

3. Find a Specialist

As a business owner, I know the last thing you need is to have to re-create work - especially tools you’ve invested in - am I right? Time is money and you want to ensure that your mobile app development team can get the job done correctly and in a timely manner while sticking to budget.

Things to check for before hiring a mobile app developer:

Timelines: are the timelines proposed going to work with your goals? Ideally, 4-6 weeks is enough time to have your project briefed, designed and up and running. If someone is proposing a one day turn around, this may not be high-quality work and you may have to recreate your app down the road.

Marketing Background: As per secret #2, you must ensure that your mobile app team understands marketing and branding. You need to ensure that your app aligns with your brand strategy so that your customers know where they are once they land on your app and it’s a seamless experience. This part is key!

Monthly Maintenance: If you’re like most busy business owners, you don’t have time learn how to do everything - especially update and manage a mobile app. Ensure that your mobile app developer includes a monthly management agreement (even if you have to pay a small charge!) to ensure you have the long term partnership with them. You’ll continuously be updating content, images, etc., so you want to have someone you can email and get the job done.

Curious if an app would be good for your business? Reach out!

~ Taylor & the DOT Marketing Co. team